Send individual employees on a public course or book an in-house workshop for your whole team.

We aim to bring you as a negotiator to the next level. Better results, increased turnover and profit, improved conflict solution – guaranteed. Junior, middle and top management, whether all-rounders or specialists, are our target group – in fact, anyone with budget responsibilities who interacts with clients and suppliers can profit from our training.

We will train and advise you in German, English and French, in both public and in-house courses.

Negotiating structures and techniques are introduced in short lectures; these account for about 20% of the training duration. The remaining 80% of the time is spent in active practice situations with the trainers, using case studies over the whole spectrum of bilateral and multilateral negotiations. Corptrain or company-specific case studies are prepared, recorded live and then analysed in group coaching.

The workshops are structured in such a way as to ensure efficient transfer and subsequent retention of information. This is reinforced by:

  • Methodical and logical presentation of learning points.
  • Exercises and personal reflection with feedback
  • Formulating and setting specific, binding goals in a plan of action Wrap-up of the different modules using systemic, circular exercise .

Negotiating Training

Managing Negotiations - 1 Day Intensive

Make the most of your precious time – this 12-hour training session incorporates in compressed form all the know-how you need to start achieving better results in negotiations.

Managing Negotiations - 2 Day Basic

Whether you want to go over basics, learn new skills or take a fresh look at your tried-and-tested techniques – take two days out for training and profit from our professional feedback

Managing Negotiations - 2 Day follow-up

For experienced negotiators already familiar with the structures and techniques of negotiating, also popular as advanced training after the basic course. Typical participants have completed the basic training and gained experience in working with the structures and techniques in their negotiations. Use examples from your encounters in the field to get the most out of this workshop and move up to the next level.

Make it an event

If you are looking for training combined with an add-on incentive for your team, this is the section for you. We will help you reach your goals using a somewhat different route, e.g. a racing-bike tour through the Alps using only the landscape for orientation with evenings full of negotiating practice. Yes, it can sometimes get dirty, even painful – are you ready to leave your comfort zone?

Tell us what you need!

Haven’t found the right training for you?

Your negotiating partner fights dirty – no holds barred?
You have to deal with monopolists?
You can’t afford to lose important tenders?
You want to end your dependence on trade/industry once and for all?

We would love to talk to you in detail about your training needs.

Tell us what you need!
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