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Better results, increased turnover and profit, improved conflict resolution

Practice makes perfect: for more than 20 years, we do nothing else but negotiate. How good we are at it, you decide. Get to know us and benefit from our specialisation.
„Negotiating is a partially intelligent process for dealing with people in conflict and conflict-related situations. In our opinion, even the most difficult conflicts can be handled by this simple process so that either better results for all are achieved, or at least the same results at lower costs.“


Even the best of us need to train constantly. Nothing comes from nothing, unfortunately. The question is, how we can improve our personal results. You will find the right training for you.

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We know our business, instead of just talking about it. And we are happy to prove it, if you like. We consult you in preparing important negotiations und are glad to sit down at the negotiation table together with you. In return, you'll share the success with us.

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We are proud of our clients, but see for yourself:

Susann Winter
Teamlead Processmanagement E-Procurement | Mercateo

„The entertaining two-day-training with Corptrain was exciting and for all participants a big enrichment. Our trainer showed us a completely new approach to negotiating with business customers. She understood how to adapt to us and to Mercateo as the leading procurement platform for business customers. We've received many helpful recommendations for our everyday business and many thought-provoking impulses in the field of negotiating skills. We appreciated the cooperation and effective training and are looking forward to our individual coachings directly at the workplace.“

Marco Sautner
Director Marketing & Sales | Infront Germany GmbH

„Negotiations are part of our day-to-day business at Infront. In Corporate Training we have found a competent partner to train our sales personnel and management to handle any negotiating situation imaginable. It’s very important for us that the training is as near to actual negotiating situations as possible. The Corporate Training team fulfils this need by incorporating building blocks such as video analysis, telephone training, presentation techniques and case studies taken directly from the Sport business. This model has proved its worth for us, as seen in the tangible successes we have experienced in practice.“

Jörg Vandersee
Manager CAM/Sales Road | Schenker Deutschland AG

„Corptrain’s expertise in managing negotiations supports us in achieving better deals and attaining our goals. The combination of experience, competence and the very interactive training units clinched it for us. We have recently extended our cooperation in negotiating training specifically to include management. Last but not least, it is the trainers themselves who make the difference.“

Björn Nessler
Member of the Board of Directors | Diakonie Gütersloh e.V.

„In the last few years I have taken part in various modules to improve my negotiating competence, particularly in regard to public and municipal funding bodies. Not only have a number of strategies learnt from Corporate Training helped us deal with this difficult area of conflict, we have also been able to achieve significantly better deals in other very important areas of investment. “

Marcus Reuter
Managing Director | HAURATON GmbH & Co. KG

„I have been working with Corporate Training for years and have taken part in several negotiating workshops where I greatly benefited from their expertise; this is why we have come to rely on Corptrain in negotiating-relevant areas of our business. We have also had great success with international workshops. Excellent negotiating ability has to be one of the most important skills a manager needs, as it has major influence on company results.“

Thomas Nieraad

„I have known Corporate Training for two decades, been on several negotiating seminars, and always profited from them. That’s why I now rely on Corporate Training as an integral factor in developing sales potential. Negotiations that are well prepared and competently handled do not only affect our end result but also improve our client relations.“

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