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Your specialist in negotiation management

Corporate Training can make you more successful. Whether in your job, your private life or somewhere in between. We have concentrated all our energies for the last 20 years on negotiating – in our opinion, the most important management skill there is. We don’t do anything else, but this we are really good at.

Negotiations follow their own rules. We have studied these for many years, tested them extensively in practice and know our way around them all (or as good as). 100,000 hours of experience say we can’t be entirely wrong.

With a staff of 30, we advise and train over 3000 people in negotiating every year, in several languages, at home and abroad, individually tailored to client needs and demands.

We know the structure and techniques of (almost) all imaginable negotiating scenarios inside out. You can rely on us to improve your efficiency and motivate you to better performance; faster and better results are a logical consequence.

Get to know us The negotiating and training experts

We are fortunate enough to have old hands with many years of experience as well as young bloods with new ideas on our team – both are necessary to reach top performance. Our workshops are fun, but also very effective. That’s a promise.

Gerhard Eirich
Gerhard Eirich
Managing Partner

Gerhard is responsible for developing the training and consulting business, product development and quality control.

Sven-Jörg Buthmann
Sven-Jörg Buthmann
Managing Partner

Sven-Jörg is responsible for strategic planning, human resources and finances.

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