Everyone needs a good friend at some time in their life…

As specialists in negotiating, we also undertake consultancy projects.

It’s a question of your strategic capabilities and whom you trust with your money. If your requirements exceed the boundaries of a negotiating workshop or you want specialist advice on a specific subject, then contact us. You can profit from the many years of experience our specialists have accumulated in varying areas of business. The basis of our competence is our consistent specialisation in managing negotiations.

Consultancy, unlike the transfer of skills and competencies that takes place in training, means individual coaching and on-the-job personal development using specialist negotiating strategies.

As well as helping you maximise your capabilities, we can also take an active role where required. We take a stand, give advice and point out fresh perspectives; this is what we understand under consultancy.

We come in when you are under time constraints or find yourself at the limit of your own capabilities. We can likewise act for you when a deal is threatening to collapse because you don’t have the time to build up the required negotiating competence. We can agree a fixed fee or a percentage of the successful deal, it’s up to you.

A few examples: (just click…)

When plan A and plan B are not enough.
How flexible is your strategy?
How do you deal with sheep syndrome?
Is your plan simple, or ultra complex?
When is the best time?
Home or away?
What qualities does your team need?
How do I contain the egos?
1. Goal, 2. Strategy, 3. Tactic
Are you clear on the issues?
Are you keeping your ideals and limits in sight?
Has the agenda changed?
Have you left room to manoeuvre?
Which infos will you release, and which will you hold back?
Just good cop - bad cop?
What other tactics do you have?
Stay silent
Play dumb
Be the rottweiler
Play second fiddle
Use breaks
Tactical arguments
We work through plans A and B.
We create scenarios that provoke various different reactions.
We forestall attacks.
We anticipate the others’ strategy.
You are short of time.
You have not (yet) gained enough negotiating competence.
You want the issue dealt with quickly.
You need to prioritize.
You need an experienced negotiator.
You want to work on a success basis.
What’s your best alternative?
When all else fails - say yes?
Where is your „real“ point of no return?
Your boss talks to their boss?
Minimalise your demands?
Evaluate the power formula.
Which part of the process worked/didn’t work?
How was your team put together?
Did we manage the timing okay?
Evaluate results.
Where did we make unnecessary concessions?
Did we get the deal too easily??
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